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Jalushnak, the last Time-Man

Chrominid (der. Chrono-Hominid, com. Time-Men) are a race of men capable of telling time.

Chrominid Characteristics

  • Chrominid DNA is "Jargon Resistant", meaning that it can't undergo any process greater than 3 syllables, or derived from latin. For instance, while our DNA can under go ribosyatic flux, or endochromial decrombinization, theirs can only undergo mitosis.
  • Chrominid clock-loops are large clocklike neckscabs which develop after the ceremonial severing of the "slice-off", the little tab of skin they grow on their neck. Without this ceremony, they would turn out Jewish, and thus be unable to tell time, or to use their Pork-based Technology. Chrominids who chose to undergo Enjudification are viewed as "completely equal" to everyone else the Chrominids discriminate against.

Famous Chrominids in History

Historic Overview

Time men are believed to have originated in the other universe, under the Lesbiandre administration. However, with the appearance of the Miser Sphere, they migrated out. It is not known whether all of them abandoned their original home, or whether some remain, perhaps mutating into some kind of weird monster that will make an interesting foe for L'Brondelle at some point.