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Khafebs is a Eurovisian poet from the Centrilium. His most celebrated work is Blow, ye winds, but is also known for a number of dust sonnets and crumb odes, both on or about dust/crumbs, but also written and performed by hurling crumbs and dust at the eyes of a lamb/child.

O to Be a Bundle of Crumbs

A great exemplar was discovered in the ruins of Shin Shivim Vameriot by Scholardi. Scholardi at first mistook the poem for a little heap of dust. It wasn't until he took it home and threw it into the eyes of a child that he realized what he had discovered.

the text

O to be a bundle of crumbs,
A crumbdiliad of breadpoints,
Pinnaclized pastements tipping pointed through the dimensions
Emerging but momentarily as motes, all aplentied in their company,
Mesmerescent hypnotons, particulads in congress
That roundhold bywith the meatments confluesce, my loving flesh castle,
And at keepsummit, the method betweenst the we-hungry solitoid,
In isolary lonliment, unbreadly, and crumbling into vacant gravels.

O, to be a bundle of crumbs,
Your load of love deburdened in my slice-debris, my sourdough deteriorati
Within flapcase, hegemon of my dispersings, gaoler of my strew,
And that loaf-keeper must you.
O unbaled wad be-bowelled in hope’s lewd guts,
I proceed to you, me walky a-tending by leans and gait to your browless face.

- Translation by Scholardi III