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No Bots About It is a Canadian television show which ran from 2050-1940, over 110 retroyears, or in metric, 395 backward miniscules.

The show focused on Tobias Gregor who, in all his dealings with other people, made comments and promises so laden with provisos and caveats that his friends felt that they could no longer hug him. To that effect, his Nephew-Sister, Michaelrella, creates a robot (with a diaper, it must be remembered) called Nobot. who is programmed to prevent Tobias from using the word "but". he does this in a novel way, by using a one-way kiss, a concept novel to the show but which is now commonplace.

The show was cancelled the year before it was created, by Jalushnak the Time Man, who held the enchanter's raiment at the time.