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The Grain Father, he makes us to lie down in rice.

Kalgaathu (or Kalgaathuu/Kelgatz/Gilgathor/Jelibrad/Tiny Martin/Friend of Jeb/The White Winker) is the highest of high divinities. From his one body all other numinous presences eminate. He also possesses many aspects.

Kalgaathu The Grain Father

Kalgaathu the grain father is a large turtle, slowly eating a delicious banana in his ageless, and tootheless mouth.

Vaanuu most Wise

Vaanuu most wise is Kalgaathu in the shape of a Breakcore Album.


Gelhoremhaht is Kalgaathu in the shape of a Weekend, sometimes called "The Great Weekend" or "Gelhoremhaht: Weekend"

Brian Lindsay of Dundas Ontario

Kalgaathu also takes the form of a walking Yawn, which goes by the name of Brian Lindsay of Dundas Ontario.