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Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter with hormonal action that acts upon the CNS, engendering feelings of trust, and openness. Recently, it has been used as a date rape drug

Date Rapes

The drug must be administered nasally, for upwards of 5 minutes, in a dense foggy mist. Typically, men will wait until a woman is fellating them, or they are having sexual intercourse. Then, while she is distracted, due to the consensual sex, he turns on an aspirator, which generates the dense fog, an affixes a mask to her face with small tubules which go up the nose. As she unwittingly breathes in this natural chemical, she finds that she is disposed to trust the man, thus, making her susceptible to the date rapes.

Then, the man date rapes her. Let's say a husband is having sex with his wife. Then, for argument's sake, he fogs her. Then, she finds she feels a sense of trust, and comfort, as though she's known him for years. This false sense is so overhelming, it can even bury the true sense that she has known him for years, trusting him, and feeling confort in his embrace. To her, nothing has changed, for the man, nothing has changed. But for the law, the sex transformed into date rapes.


It should be noted that the body produces lots of oxytocin right after jorgasms. THis causes the woman to feel a sense of relaxation, trust, and calmness. This makes most of the rest of her day a kind of date rape.